The group’s activities

Real Estate Department

Acompanying and examing rewl estate transctions

Boaz Group provides all the necessary solutions on the way to a perfect and cost-effective real estate transaction, both financially and professionally, according to industry parameters.

We have extensive experience in overseeing transactions at all levels.

Our range of activities in this field includes:  

  • Preliminary due diligence for the transaction
  • Building an appropriate financial outline
  • Capital raising and taxation aspects
  • Assisting clients in complex and large transactions in Israel and abroad
  • Real estate financing for entrepreneurs and business owners

Financial support for urban renewal projects

Extansive experience in analyzing all types of T.M.A. transactions, examining all the components of profit according to required parameters.

The service begins at the stage when a permit for the project is received or is about to be received.

  • Analysis and preliminary examination of the economic feasibility of the entrepreneur.
  • Assistance in the preparation of Report 0 – making adjustments if required.
  • Contacting several banks/financial institutions for project approval
  • Identifying possible gaps and completing them before submitting the proposal to the funding body (for final approval).
  • Bridging gaps through negotiations with the funding body.
  • Conducting negotiations on financing costs (while examining the needs of the project individually).

Assistance and financing for REIG

group ‘Our consultants have extensive experience in the field of commercial financing and REIG.

Through our experience in various and diver projects as well as a large number of purchasing groups, we have methodically mapped the needs, advantages and weak points of the various characteristics of the parties to the project.

We take an active part in examining the financing of the project vis-a-vis financial entities, participation in negotiations on the commercial terms included in the transaction, carry out preliminary underwriting and negotiate with the financer regarding the approval of the group members.


  • Safeguarding the interests of the members of the group.
  • A significant shortening of the project approval process by the bank.

Supervision and control:

As part of our many years of experience in real estate and construction and in the field of purchasing groups in particular, the need arose for service controlling and supervising the income and expenses, their purposes and their use. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the rights of the manager and the members of the group are preserved and that the agreements are optimal and optimally implemented.

Additional activities offered in this framework:

  • The construction of a suitable financial outline for the transaction and in general, with all the objective considerations of the partner.
  • Assistance in raising equity capital for the transaction.
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