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Commercial  Department

External Financial Management / Financial Support

 The Group specializes in financial support of companies using advanced and sophisticated financial models developed by the company. The principles of the model allow diagnosing the business results of the company, examining the processes of managing funds and building a growth strategy.

The beginning of the accompaniment in the study of the business while writing a business plan in accordance with the client’s vision and goals and in light of the financial / business reality (economy, industry, margins, personnel, etc.)

Out of the aspiration for growth we build a financing strategy for the company:

  • Reaching agreements with customers and suppliers regarding payment terms.
  • Building a credit mix for medium-sized companies and growing companies, which is critical and of crucial importance for the success and leverage of the business. In addition, the credit planning process, adapting it to the needs of the business and implementing work procedures in the organization.
  • Building an overall financing mix, with an emphasis on ongoing stability and resources required to maximize profit.

The analyst essentially acts as the company’s CFO:

  • Analysis of transactions, their precedence and pricing based on meeting the annual targets.
  • Analysis of financial data in real time and reflection of the data while proposing improvement/change.
  • Construction and implementation of various management processes is required.
  • Representation of the client vis-à-vis the financial institutions.
  • Assistance in making decisions and current dilemmas in the management of the company.
  • Characterization consulting and accompaniment in additional sales channels to increase sales volume.
  • Examination, analysis and monitoring of the financial statements and business performance of the company.
  • Preparation of an economic goals plan / business plan and monthly follow-up to achieve its goals.
  • Structuring orderly work processes in the manner of managing the company’s operations and finances.
  • Cash flow management – providing tools and implementing them.
  • Forecast of income and expenses as well as additional actions required in the company’s opinion to improve the cash flow system

Writing and implementing a business / financial plan

Every business, in every field and of any size, must have a business plan that is actually the work plan of the business. The construction of the plan in accordance with the developer’s vision, market conditions, various barriers and coping with them, is carried out hand in hand with the entrepreneur while determining the structure of the plan and guiding it in accordance with various professional aspects.

Writing a business plan allows each entrepreneur to take a step back and thoroughly examine all parts of the business.  We will allow you to find many points where you can optimize your business, reduce expenses and even identify avenues for development. In addition, the plan will professionally provide a realistic forecast regarding the development of the business in the near future and sets short and long-term goals. The process of building a plan causes the entrepreneur to take actions and look for solutions that will benefit his business in the future and not only help him exist in the present.

Writing a business plan can be especially helpful at times when the business feels stuck in a situation that is not quite its profitable potential.

Our diverse professional accompanies the entrepreneur in writing a business plan that, beyond giving the entrepreneur a perspective on the feasibility of the plan, also gives him tools on how he should act in order to reach his goals.

The purpose of the business plans we prepare is not only to present the numbers and data “on paper.” One of our goals is to connect the business owner to the data while reflecting it as simplistic and accurate as possible. The plan should provide the client with tools on how to implement the plan and act according to its principles down the road.

The process of building the plan is not a uniform process and it varies from case to case, in principle the number of stages include:

  • Learning the business and the industry in which it operates – is carried out by analyzing the business data on all its financial indicators (if the business exists) and meetings with the key people in the business. If the business is new, meet with the key people and understand the business concept.
  • Defining goals and objectives for the business plan – production volumes and sales, components of variable expenses, personnel status and required profitability indicators.
  • Market research and marketing strategy – examining the industry, product positioning, target audience, marketing methods for meeting the sales goal and the required marketing message.
  • Financial needs and financing structure – reference to required working capital, budgeting of marketing expenses, reserve for unforeseen periods.
  • Forecast sales and expenses over X years ahead considering sensitivity tests for the various indices.

Managing a financing strategy

When examining the business, we examine the existing credit portfolio, which is based on the company’s previous credit needs, and look forward to a range of at least a year in order to understand the future credit needs.

When we understand the credit needs, we build a credit plan that will meet the credit needs of the business in the best and most correct way.

As is well known, financing entities are not always willing to finance all the credit needs of the business, whether it is for reasons of collateral gaps, financial results, etc.

We at Boaz Group specialize in creating a financing strategy so that we can maximize the requested credit needs and provide a sense of security to the financing entity who will feel that the credit they provides is good, correct and most importantly credit that will be repaid. ng strategy, we examine how to properly request the financing, from whom it is right to request it, whether from one or several parties together and what collateral can be put against the same credit if necessary.

Transaction feasibility analysis

We at Boaz Group specialize in conducting economic checks for projects and business ventures, whether through a new investment, developing a new activity, purchasing shares or for the purpose of examining real estate transactions, all while examining existing alternatives to the developer’s investment.

Feasibility study of a specific transaction or a number of alternatives, in the framework of which the data presented to the investor or entrepreneur are examined in depth in order to validate this information.

The feasibility study is based on financial data taken from financial statements and other sources, information on market behavior in the field of the transaction, examination of similar transactions carried out, presentation of transaction data and examination of their degree of success.

The examination carried out in our office assists in making prudent decisions by examining the chances of success in entering any venture according to criteria defined by the entrepreneurs and in accordance with orderly methodologies from the field of financing. Whether it is a new venture or joining an existing venture, the tests examine the chances of success, show the expected success and predict based on the data, the rate of return on investment and the expected return on investment.

Proper planning alongside calculated, meticulous and professional risk management, reduces the weight of the “unknown” and increases the chances of project success.

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