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I would like to thank you for contacting our office. The following is the proposal you requested.  We are committed to providing you with professional and reliable services.

Boaz Group provides comprehensive financial solutions under one roof.

The company was established with a unique combination of key players with backgrounds in all types of financial fields. The group’s perception is that the customer is the center and that the optimal utilization of his needs is what will lead to his success and the success of the group.

The group’s uniqueness lies in offering a service that provides a comprehensive and professional envelope, which combines a wide range of professionals who provide solutions at the “custom made” level, while thinking outside the box and accompanying the execution of solutions that suit the individual needs of each customer.

The team is made up of business, financial and municipal/government professionals.

The group’s members and managers have many years of experience in working on projects of significant financial scope. The Group’s goal is to provide its clients with a uniform and leading framework that understands their needs and knows how to analyze an existing situation and adjust an action plan accordingly.

Boaz Group is a consultant group specializing in financial risk analysis.

  • Providing consultation in trading, industrial, and real estate sectors
  • Advising large variety of clientele including real estate developers and entrepreneurs
  • Working in cooperation with financial entities
  • Working with local authorities/municipal corporations
  • Working with the national government ministries on various projects
  • Accounting, economics, pricing and legal
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